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At Oikos, we work with you to determine the exact steps you need to take to successfully sell your home. From overseeing the pre-listing inspection process, to advising proper staging and decluttering practices, to careful transaction management, we work diligently to keep the sale of your home running on time.

At the end of the day, we’re here to give you clarity – because a successful sale begins with an empowered seller.

Selling Homes for Austinites

Austin is a growing city, and households have changing needs. Often that looks like selling your current home to make space for the next phase in your family’s life. Whether you’ve recently got a new job and your current home no longer works for your phase of life, or you are sitting on equity you’d like to convert to retirement funds, we know how to help you to the next stage.
At Oikos, we appreciate that every solution is different, and we work with good people to make things happen for their future.

The Benefits of Selling with Oikos

Our agents guide you through the current real estate market, as well as teach you the ins and outs on how the selling process works. We also give you an honest assessment of what possibilities we see for your individual circumstances--then we craft an expert marketing plan and pricing strategy, casting a wide net for potential buyers.

We help you find the widest pool of buyers for your home.

The 2 Phases of the Home Selling Process

1. Strategizing and Preparation

We go slow to go fast.

We start the process with a meeting to learn about you and your home, where we:

  • Educate you on where Austin’s real estate market stands, as well as on the selling process.
  • Explore your selling aspirations, the equity you have in your home, and potential financing and moving plans.

We then determine a pricing strategy to sell your home on an efficient timeline, getting you where you want to be on time. We also figure out if any repairs should be done, advise you on how to stage your home and get great photos that are proven to attract offers.

When we’re ready to go live, we execute a meticulously designed marketing plan that makes your home highly visible and enticing to potential buyers.

2. Contract to Close

We get you where you need to go.

When the listing goes live and potential buyers begin viewing your home, we train you on effective showing tips, as well as how to keep your home in show-ready condition.

We then manage the offers as they roll in, reviewing contracts and negotiating on your behalf. When you have a contract that both parties are happy with, we manage your transaction and bring it to close. In this process, the buyer typically inspects the home and has the option to negotiate repairs.

Repair Negotiation Process

Should you choose to go forward with a buyer’s request, the repair money can occur in a reduction of sale price, or as a credit to the buyer’s closing cost. We advise you on what’s best for you, based on your unique circumstances.

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