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Oikos is a group of real estate professionals based in Austin, Texas, led by family man Ross Ponder. We're also conversationalists, educators, and information-enthusiasts excited to connect with people entering the housing market. Whether it’s to buy, sell, or invest, we’re delighted to guide people through their real estate quest – and we’re darn good at it too.

We Click with Good People

We work with all kinds of people, but they tend to have a few things in common: they’re curious, determined, and invested in the process we carefully lay out for them. Awesome relationships are a two-way street in life, and in real estate work we see our clients as collaborators in their new property endeavor.

The secret to our success is simple:
we work with nice people.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

We love challenges, we love candid conversations, we love deep listening. And most importantly, we love forming meaningful partnerships with our clients.

Our Values

In Ancient Greece, the term Oikos referred to a family’s house. Really, it was everyone in a family’s household – and in our business, our values come from the home. The Ponder family created their own special set of values, which sets the tone for how we approach real estate as a collective. By sticking to our modern and inclusive guiding principles, we aim to uplift our community of awesome Austinites. If our values resonate with you, we may be a great fit for your real estate needs!

Sell with us

The Ponder Family Values


We help others.

We use compassion to understand how another person feels. We help others.


We tell the truth.

We seek and share the truth. We are not distracted by falsehoods. Facts are true, but interpretation of facts is subjective.


We try new things

We take appropriate risks and try new things. We are not complacent.


We ask questions.

We learn by asking questions and carefully listening for answers.


We laugh.

We don't take ourselves too seriously. We find laughter and joy in life.


We make cool stuff.

We find solutions to problems. We make cool stuff to share with the world.


We don’t give up
when it’s hard.

We use grit to persevere through challenges in pursuit of a long term goal; we don't give up. If we fail, we use that failure to learn something new about ourselves.


We take care of our stuff and our people.

We take good care of the things we have. We don't keep or take more than we need. We share abundance with others.

Ross Ponder

Founder, Realtor

Ross Ponder has always been curious about people and the world around him. His professional journey began with seminary school, but it didn’t end there. Ross’s varied interests have led him to become an academic, serve as a chaplain, work in sales and tech, and even explore becoming an Episcopal priest.

It was when he and his wife Sarah had their first child, Lucy, that his purpose really came into focus. Real estate called upon all of Ross’s skills and talents: his experience in hospitals made him calm in the face of change. The rigors of academia prepared him to analyze data for clients making big decisions. And his middle-child status helped him understand different personality types, giving him fluency in various love languages.

Today, Ross is the proud father of three wonderful children, and spends his days helping good, inquisitive people buy and sell property.

Training, Certifications &  Recognition

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS)

Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI)

Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE)

Million Dollar Guild

Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA)

Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource® (SFR®)

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS)

Certified Real Estate Team Specialist (CRETS)


The Team

Our team, led by Ross Ponder, is committed to providing exceptional, concierge real estate experiences.

Sarah Ponder graduated from the University of Texas at Austin – twice! First, with a BA in Sociology and ten years later with an MBA. She is the founder of Real Estate Wealth Planning, which helps real estate professionals find true financial freedom through comprehensive financial life planning. Prior to starting this company, she was a Regional Director at Dimensional Fund Advisors, a low-cost investment manager, where she helped manage client assets in a straightforward way that let them sleep at night.

At Oikos, she consults with clients to provide an independent financial planning perspective on how their real estate transaction fits with their goals. 

Before working in financial services, Sarah spent nine years in the education sector, first as a sixth grade math and science teacher, and then as Director of Partner Services for EverFi, an education technology company focused on financial literacy and life skills. Throughout her career, she traveled throughout most of the United States in order to teach thousands of children and adults in-person and virtually.

Sarah Ponder Sarah Ponder

Sarah Ponder

Strategic Growth Partner

Who's On Your Team?

You need a united group of experts to guide you through your real estate matters. That's why we work with your existing tax professional, legal and financial advisors to ensure your transaction runs smoothly. And if you need introductions, we'll connect you with our network of top tier professionals.

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