Real Estate is
Like the Weather

The real estate market is always changing – and so are we. Our households shrink and grow. New opportunities bring us to different locations. And naturally, our priorities shift as our lives expand and evolve.

Life is full of surprises – and so is the market.

Navigating Your Future with Oikos

No matter where the market stands, you deserve the best for you and yours. For seasoned investors and first-time buyers alike, our process is rooted in actionable intelligence that speaks to the unique financial goals of your household. Unlike other agents who take a short-sighted approach, we collaborate with you to map out your long-term success.

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At Oikos Real Estate Group, we walk you through the process step-by-step, because a home is more than just four walls and a roof.
It’s an investment in your future.

We Work With People Who Are...

Austin is an incredible city with incredible people! We love working with folks in our community who reflect our city’s values. Oikos clients are:


We’re excited to work with intelligent, inquisitive people who are ready to learn about the buying or selling process.


We don’t give up when the going gets tough. We love it when our clients trust the journey we’ve set out on together.


Our clients are people whose real estate decisions benefit their household’s long-term goals.


We like working with people who cherish the diversity of Austin, and enjoy being a part of our growing community.

Like the sound of that?

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What Makes Us Different

Oikos is a rock in an ever-fluctuating market. Our expertly-designed approach means that we're dedicated to crafting a real estate experience that gives your household happiness for years to come.

The Oikos Approach

Ponder Family Values

Developed by Ross Ponder and his family, The Ponder Family Values are our north star. In our business we prioritize: Grit, Compassion, Curiosity, Honesty, Stewardship, Creativity, Humor, Adventure.

Financial Planning

As a new client we offer you a financial planning consultation. This gives you perspective on how buying or selling fits within your broader goals.

Individualized Planning

We’re great listeners who ask great questions! We use a carefully designed line of questioning to understand your core needs.

Client Education

Our consultative approach is rooted in educating you about market conditions, as well as the buying or selling process. This empowers you to make informed decisions with clarity and confidence.

Concierge Experience

Whether you’re buying or selling, there are dozens of action items to manage throughout the process. We anticipate the next steps for you, providing you with helpful actionables and reminders along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about both the selling and buying process, and have compiled answers on our FAQ page as a resource.

Find the answers to your real estate questions below.
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