Timing the Market: Three Strategies for Resiliency

Timing the Market: Three Strategies for Resiliency

When to buy?

If there's one question our clients ask us repeatedly, it's "how do we know when to make a move?" When is the right time to buy, sell, or invest?

We wish we had the answer!

No one can predict the future. Not finance professionals. Not real estate agents. Not economists. Real estate (investing, generally) is a magic-free endeavor.

How's that for the world's shortest blog?

We offer clients years of professional expertise and personal experience in real estate and financial/wealth planning. We've weathered these market fluctuations as homeowners and advisors to clients seeking advice and guidance on this issue.

Our experience tells us that 'how to time the market' is a question of how to make a sound financial decision amidst the noise. Many of our clients aren't buying or selling for the returns only. They are buying or selling for the well-being of their families. We must recognize the fluctuating needs and household circumstances regardless of what the market says.

There are, however, some ways to make yourself market resilient as a buyer or seller. Here are three ways to keep your sanity and your shirt when engaging with the market.

Make a Plan

What is important to you and your family? What is your compass? For us, it's our values [link to values blog]. Getting clear on your vision enables you to focus on what's most important.

Before figuring out where you'd like to go, you must understand where you are. Is there a gap between your current reality and your future dreams? Are there items needing attention? What steps can you take to set yourself up for success?

A trusted and experienced advisor can help guide you through this process. Your real estate partner will help you reduce the noise and stay focused on your plan. Away from the predictions, the short-term news cycle, and the neighbor up the street who is goading you to sell, sell, sell. 

Pragmatism and preparation win every time.

See the Forest for the Trees

Uncertainty is a fact of life, as it's a fact of the housing market. While investing in the stock market is a more liquid, fast-moving transaction, real estate is about the long game. Your compass and plan will help keep you focused on the big picture, even when uncertainty surrounds you.

Keeping the big picture in mind also applies to researching your local market. Get a sense of the housing prices over a ten-year period. Try not to depend on the last few years of data just because everyone else seems to be jumping to action. 

Spring and summer are historically great times to sell, whereas fall and winter tend to favor the buyer. But in a market such as Austin, graced with mild weather and a constant influx of new residents, trying to find the perfect timing might make your head explode. 

Focus on the long game.

Stay Flexible, Friends

One thing we know for sure: real estate is one of the soundest investments you can make. It's an asset that offers consistent growth over time. Over time is the key phrase. Real estate is notoriously fickle when you play the short game. 

Flexibility is vital to weathering the unpredictability of buying or selling a home. We prepare our clients with lots of data and some idea of what to expect in the process. Inevitably, there will be local fluctuations, quick twists, and slow turns. Trust in your plan and lean into the experts who've been there before. 

Patience and flexibility ensure your long-term success.

At Oikos, your long-term well-being is our bottom line. Learn more about how we partner with buyers and sellers  in the greater Austin area.

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